Community Based Programs

Our programs are open to people of all abilities, age 18 and older.


Our programs meet weekly for 1.5 hour sessions. Programs run June-August, September-November, and February-April. For more information and to apply, click / tap here

Living Your Best Life

Participants explore and build capacities in various areas of adult life. Topics include:

  • Cooking/meal planning

  • Home care

  • Community safety

  • Wellness and energy regulation

  • Navigating adult relationships

  • Community engagement

The purpose of this program is to equip participants with tools/strategies and experiences which help them find joy and satisfaction in their activities of daily life.

Belonging in the Workplace

Participants will engage in career development activities such as:

  • Resume building

  • Barista training

  • Self advocacy

  • Workplace communication

Participants come away with a “work profile” highlighting their work related strengths, interests, skills, and support needs. The purpose of this program is to provide participants with tools/strategies and experiences to support full access and belonging in the workplace.

Navigating the Digital World

This program equips participants with increased confidence to access, navigate, and fully participate in the digital world.

  • Online safety

  • Assistive technology for daily living

  • Basic computer navigation

  • Digital organization

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