Community Based Programs

We offer community-based programs supporting the transition to adulthood, open to neurodivergent individuals age 17 and older.


Our programs meet weekly for 1.5 hour sessions. Programs run June-August, September-December, and February-May. For more information and to apply, click / tap here

Living Your Best Life

Participants explore and build capacities in various areas of adult life. Topics include:

  • Cooking / Meal Planning

  • Home Care

  • Community Mobility (i.e, riding the bus)

  • Wellness

  • Navigating Adult Relationships

  • Basic Budgeting

This program is equips participants with tools/strategies and experiences which help them find joy and satisfaction in their activities of daily life.

Belonging in the Workplace

Participants engage in career development activities such as:

  • Resume Building

  • Barista Training

  • Self Advocacy

  • Workplace Communication

Participants will come away with a “work profile” highlighting their work related strengths, interests, skills, and support needs. This program provides participants with tools/strategies and experiences to support full access and belonging in the workplace.