Creating a space where everyone belongs.


B3 is a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. Using the way coffee brings people together, we aim to facilitate community between people with and without disabilities and ultimately advance disability justice, allyship, and inclusion.


Being, Belonging, & Becoming (B3)

B3 represents our core values, enacted through coffee and community. We value what it means to be, to belong, and to become…
  • BEING: we appreciate diverse ways of being & embrace the natural variation of what it means to be human. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth in being, and we honor individual differences.
  • BELONGING: we strive to create spaces where everyone belongs. Belonging, to us, means people of all abilities are fully engaged in communities of choice, and moreover, recognized as valued members.
  • BECOMING: we believe in becoming better together, through inviting diversity to enrich our lives, workplaces, and communities. One cup at a time, we strive to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.


Check out what our Navigating Our CommUNITY program participants have been up to! 🚌 ✍️ 🧐 ✨🫶#accessibility ID: A video of program participants using social planning tools, street smarts, and safety powers to navigate our community utilizing @chapelhillgov transit. Participants successfully planned and navigated a trip to Hargraves CommUNITY Park utilizing interdependence. Participants were able to socialize and have fun at the end, which is important to remember! ✨
Check out what Belonging in the Workplace participants have been up to! ✨🚌☕️ #accessibility ID: video clips of B3 members engaged in activities such as barista / customer service stations, career exploration activities, taking public transit, and creating dream job vision boards
⭐️Meet one of our amazing Spring 2024 Interns, Joey!☕️ Stop by our @chapelhillpubliclibrary kiosk to strike up a conversation with him about his favorite topic of all topics: B3. If you’ve been to the library, you’ve likely seen Joey working on emails on his computer (with a very focused expression) or passionately networking with customers.📈💻📊B3 wouldn’t be the same without him! #accessibility ID: a beige graphic displays a headshot of Joey. Text reads “interests and hobbies: golf and being an ambassador for B3. Fun fact: I am the funniest guy ever. Favorite thing about B3: working on the newsletter.
It’s a beautiful day to VOTE at the best voting location in town , @chapelhillpubliclibrary. Grab a coffee while you’re at it!☕️ (find us in the lobby until 4)#accessibility ID: B3 member, Max, making a latte
⭐️Meet one of our amazing Spring 2024 Interns, Anna!☕️ Stop by our @chapelhillpubliclibrary kiosk to strike up a conversation with her about all of the sports she wants to try!#accessibility ID: a beige graphic displays a headshot of Anna. Text reads “interests and hobbies: volleyball and badminton. Fun fact: I want to try every sport known to mankind! Favorite thing about B3: being part of an inclusive community where I can be myself!”
Our B3 Members are learning so much in our new Navigating Our CommUNITY programming on Sundays!!! ✨
⭐️Meet one of our amazing Spring 2024 Interns, Kate!☕️ Stop by our @chapelhillpubliclibrary kiosk to strike up a conversation with her about her American idol audition or her many cool interests and hobbies! #accessibility ID: a beige graphic displays a headshot of Kate. Text reads “Ask me about: Unitarian Universalism. Interests/hobbies: music, art, theatre, reading, helping others. Favorite thing about B3: visibility.”


All of the artwork throughout this site was created by members to visually express what B3 means to them.

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