Creating a space where everyone belongs.


B3 is a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. Using the way coffee brings people together, we aim to facilitate community between people with and without disabilities and ultimately advance disability justice, allyship, and inclusion.


Being, Belonging, & Becoming (B3)

B3 represents our core values, enacted through coffee and community. We value what it means to be, to belong, and to become…
  • BEING: we appreciate diverse ways of being & embrace the natural variation of what it means to be human. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth in being, and we honor individual differences.
  • BELONGING: we strive to create spaces where everyone belongs. Belonging, to us, means people of all abilities are fully engaged in communities of choice, and moreover, recognized as valued members.
  • BECOMING: we believe in becoming better together, through inviting diversity to enrich our lives, workplaces, and communities. One cup at a time, we strive to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.


We were honored to be visited by a graduate student from Texas State University, Lois, who came all the way to North Carolina to learn more about B3 and our neurodiversity affirming practices 🫶☕️✨#accessibility ID: video clips of B3 members taking Lois’ order and then a small group of members engaged in conversation in the seating area next to the kiosk. A group photo of members standing in front of the kiosk is shown at the end.
A day in the Pop-Up Life with @b3coffee ! Today we were delighted to serve teachers & staff at @carolinafriends . ✨
We were honored to serve teachers and staff @culbrethmiddleschool this morning. @chapelhillcarrboroschools #teacherappreciationweek
Our commUNITY is the coolest!🎶✨🫶For her “Belonging in the Workplace” final presentation,B3 member, Kate, surprised us with a B3 version of @taylorswift song “ME!” Enjoy👏✨#accessibility ID: Kate stands in front of the class singing her version of the lyrics, which encourages customers to visit the B3 kiosk
B3 Behind the Scenes on our Pop-Up this morning at Triangle Day School for teacher appreciation. @triangledayschool
🚨Only a few more spots remain— Apply today!! This summer, B3 will launch an 11-week version of our new Chill Time program, open for people of all abilities, 18 and older, to enroll. Participants explore a variety of low cost, minimal prep hobbies to occupy their “chill time,” such as: Paint by number, Geocaching, Meditation and yoga, Bird watching, and Finger knitting.Chill with us this summer! Applications are due May 5th. Apply here or at the link in our bio: b3 members in a playing games together. B3 members are seated at tables and engaged in conversation in small groups.


All of the artwork throughout this site was created by members to visually express what B3 means to them.

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