Creating a space where everyone belongs, one cup at a time


B3 is a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. Using the way coffee brings people together, we aim to facilitate community between people with and without disabilities and ultimately advance disability justice, allyship, and inclusion.


Being, Belonging, & Becoming (B3)

B3 represents our core values, enacted through coffee and community. We value what it means to be, to belong, and to become…
  • BEING: we appreciate diverse ways of being & embrace the natural variation of what it means to be human. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth in being, and we honor individual differences.
  • BELONGING: we strive to create spaces where everyone belongs. Belonging, to us, means people of all abilities are fully engaged in communities of choice, and moreover, recognized as valued members.
  • BECOMING: we believe in becoming better together, through inviting diversity to enrich our lives, workplaces, and communities. One cup at a time, we strive to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.


Angel will be hosting a “Walk N Talk” next Sunday, December 2nd! We will play some games and talk about winter holidays and plans. Everyone is welcome! #accessibilityID: photo above is a beige infographic stating “B3 Walk N Talk” next Sunday, December 2nd form 12pm-1pm at the Chapel Hill Public library followed by Coffee Hour. Email with any questions or concerns
Have you tried our housemade gingerbread syrup yet?😋 Open 10-4, treat yourself to a hot or iced latte while picking up your winter reading!☕️📚 #SmallBusinessSaturday#accessibility ID: an iced gingerbread latte in front of a whiteboard sign that says “Try our housemade gingerbread syrup♥️”
Check out our Fall 23 Program recap!Doesn’t it look awesome?We still have 4 more spots for Belonging in the Workplace– Spring 24! Apply here: . Inclusive of adults of all abilities.
Did you know that you CAN brew our @b3coffee blend in your home Kurig? 🤩
Friendsgiving— B3 style!🤩 B3’s Living Your Best Life” participants enjoyed collaborating on a menu, learning cooking skills and connecting with each other ✨ Giving Tuesday is a week away, but you don’t need to wait until then to make an impact! Help us continue to offer neurodiversity affirming, life enriching programs for adults of all abilities🌈♿️


All of the artwork throughout this site was created by members to visually express what B3 means to them.

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