Creating a space where everyone belongs.


B3 is a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. Using the way coffee brings people together, we aim to facilitate community between people with and without disabilities and ultimately advance disability justice, allyship, and inclusion.


Being, Belonging, & Becoming (B3)

B3 represents our core values, enacted through coffee and community. We value what it means to be, to belong, and to become…
  • BEING: we appreciate diverse ways of being & embrace the natural variation of what it means to be human. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth in being, and we honor individual differences.
  • BELONGING: we strive to create spaces where everyone belongs. Belonging, to us, means people of all abilities are fully engaged in communities of choice, and moreover, recognized as valued members.
  • BECOMING: we believe in becoming better together, through inviting diversity to enrich our lives, workplaces, and communities. One cup at a time, we strive to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.


Happy National Cold-brew Day! ☕️ 🧊 🥤@durhamnhrec @cityofdurhamnc @alliancehealthnc #allneurotypes ♾️ 🫶✨
We were thrilled to be hosted by @dukeotd on this beautiful spring day! Students and staff enjoyed @b3coffee beverages served by B3 Member, Ewan. @dukeuniversity
We are so excited to unveil a surprise... our new B3 membership introduction video! We hope that this video helps reach new B3 members in an accessible and inviting way. Thank you to Mark Terry, our videographer, as well as to all B3 members featured in the video! #Being #Belonging #Becoming #DisabilityJustice #DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityAlly
Don’t miss your chance to pick up your “Beauty and Belonging” @beautiful.blawesome & B3 Coffee combo at the Inclusive Spring Gift Market this weekend! Today is the last day to order at the link in our bio.
In yesterday’s Navigating Our CommUNITY program, B3 members learned about participating in the community through either volunteering or paid employment. We learned about resources for accessing these opportunities, including @wewillwalkwithyou and @worktogethernc 👌 #accessibility ID: video clips of presenters and B3 members working in small groups to explore resources.


All of the artwork throughout this site was created by members to visually express what B3 means to them.

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